About Me

About Me

gud2eat.com publishes fast read - simplified content shorts with a personalized approach (notes that me, my friends and family) - since I saw a lot of family members suffer because of specific food and lifestyle habits - I took a sabbatical from work to get certified in nutrition to understand where we were going wrong across generations…

I am till date intoxicated at all the learnings available to us online - much credible research is now open to all of us to review - access to health experts from multiple countries - tons of material that helps guide to live mindfully;

Yes, I do update the shorts at various intervals - And I strongly urge you to double check and discuss all information you read on this site with a medical expert as each individual is unique - and may react not so 'healthily' to specific nutrition maxim.

I am a certified nutritionist, I appreciate your feedback - you can reach me by email - preeti at thinkwalnut.com. Please do note that since I have overreached my capabilities of working I may not be able to respond to every mail...

Preeti Desai

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