Can you replace food with juices? (Faqs)

Can you replace food with juices? (Faqs)

Simple answer - No, juice cannot be a meal replacement as it does not contain all food groups your body requires that form a balanced meal.

Complex answer - Consider the following - Have you been advised by a medical expert to go on a liquid diet? Is your juice freshly made / is it out of a box / what ingredients does it contain - all this will determine how long a single or multiples glasses of juice will keep you energized and healthy.

A glass of juice means a great way to energize as well as drinking a concentrated set of nutrients which help stay healthy or heal and recover. But a glass of juice is definitely not a balanced meal and you should not stop eating food because you had a glass of juice.

It is important to note that apart from nutrients - juices whether fresh or boxed also have high sugar content than most fruits or vegetables so monitor your portions carefully; For example you may never eat 3 apples or carrots within a few minutes - but it is easy to gulp down the same sugar content in a few seconds...

If you have been advised a liquid diet than your healthcare professional will advise for how long you could replace juice with meals.

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