Is Juice an unhealthy trend that won’t go away? (e-news)

Is Juice an unhealthy trend that won’t go away? (e-news)

If you like to drink juice - include it - eating healthy means be mindful of what you are eating - check if the juice is 100% fruit or vegetables - does it have added sugar or sodium - how much calories did you gulp down - 'just be aware' - as it may be easy to drink a glass of carrot juice in a jiffy - it would be next to impossible to eat those many carrots and oranges in the same few seconds or few minutes you took to gulp down your favorite juice...

If you are considering more than a glass of juice a day - as many claims have convinced you that drinking juice helps detoxify or reverses certain chronic disease or helps fast weight loss - do read this article from as it researches whether these claims are supported by scientific studies...

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Published - July 2015

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