What does Detox Diet mean?

What does Detox Diet mean?

Detox is a shortened word for 'detoxification' which was originally used in context with removal of accumulated toxins in the body due to prolong Alcohol and Drug abuse – thus -  'detoxification program' from an intoxicating and addictive substance/s.

Detox in context with a diet - means - a specific diet program - that includes eating specific foods and drinks + to stop eating unhealthy foods + to stop drinking alcohol +/ smoking +/ drugs... for a fixed period of time. 

A well crafted advertisement of 'detox diet' usually states 'it is a well-designed program put together by medical experts - which includes fasting and procedures that help purge your liver, kidneys and colon of toxins leading to clear skin a boost of energy or weight loss etc...

I strongly urge you to discuss any sudden change in your diet (detox diets are drastic) be it for a day or more with your healthcare professional.

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